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Zimmerman Llamas

Amoro is one of our heaviest wool llamas. He is a conformationally correct boy who consistently places in the top 5 of halter competitions. He is a favorite with everyone on our PR outings because of his gentle personality and very thick wool. Everyone wants to hug him.

Christian is another of our PR llamas. He has long wavy fine wool. Christian always places in halter competitions and this year started placing in obstacle and pack competitions. He has a very gentle loving personality.

Ebony is a black medium wool llama. He has long straight wool. Ebony has placed in the top three in all of his competitions. He is very curious and gentle. And loves to be shown by girls.

Justice is a red light wool llama. He has a very inquisitive personality and loves attention. He goes with us on PR outings and loves the attention. Everyone loves him as he gives kisses.

Marakesh is one of our ALSA get of sire champion studs. He has sired many champions and always puts out a correct cria. He has a very gentle-loving personality. His wool is very thick and heavy.

Turkesh is the son of Marakesh and Tabitha. He is conformationally correct and places in the top three in his light wool classes. Turk has a very curious personality and is into everything. He consistently places in the top three in his halter classes.

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