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Teffeny is our girl from out West. She is from Oregon. Her father, Jackpot, a Peruvian import, has sired many champions, and Teff is one of them. She has placed in the top three in all of her halter shows. Teff is a very large-boned llama, with extremely long, soft, thick wool. She is a favorite when we take the llamas out to visit places, because of her loving gentle personality. She will be bred in spring 2003 for a spring 2004 cria.

Timberwinds Dreama’s name fits her perfectly. She is a very slow moving girl. She even eats slowly. Dreama is a small petite llama with fine, long wavy wool. She has attained grand champion and placed at least in the top five in all of her other shows. Dreama qualified for grand nationals in 2001. Dreama came with us on all of our PR outings until she was bred. She has been bred to Moreno Dynamo for a spring 2003 baby. We are expecting a champion.

Rosie Toes is a beautiful Chilean appy with long, thick heavy wool. She has very large bones and perfect banana ears. When hosing down the llamas Rosie is the first at the gate to get wet. To date she has had 4 cria who are all winners in the show ring. Her latest cria, rascal, can be seen on our cria page. Rosie has been bred to Chilean Moreno dynamo for a spring 2003 full Chilean baby. Can’t wait to see it…

Snowy is another light wool very large girl. She was one of our first llamas, so naturally is very spoiled. She is very friendly and will pester you for attention. She is first in line to be scratched. She has been bred to Marakesh for a spring 2003 cria.

Tabitha is one of our few light wool llamas. Her coloring makes her look like a deer. She is a very tall large girl, with a very curious personality. Tab has had 2 cria a male and a female. Her son Turkesh can be seen on our cria page . He is very conformationally correct and resembles his mother in color. Tab has been bred back to Marakesh for a spring 2003 cria.

Timberwinds Fantasia is our regal queen. When she walks across the pasture one can tell, even from a distance, that it is Fantasia. She walks with a regal air, slow and deliberate with head held very high. Fantasia has very thick dark brown curly wool. She has been shown once and placed first in her class. She is a very athletic-leggy llama. She has had one female cria so far. Fanci her daughter will be 1 February 24, 2003, she can be seen on the cria page.

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